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Killer Hunter

This game places you in the shoes of fresh-skimmed Rookie cop Mark Tupersent, led by Veteran detective Jeffrey Creamer, as they investigate the gruesome scene of a cereal killing. Search the scene to gather clues and discover the identity of this rotten monster!


Left and Right arrow keys: Move left and right.

Mouse: Hover over objects to discover what is a clue you can click on. Also for clicking to progress through dialogue and hover over clues in your inventory.


Christopher Hedley - Project Lead, Animation, Title/End Screen Art

Erick Evangeliste - Programmer, Writer

Joseph Winemberg - Programmer, Writer

Anastasia Papaioanou - Environmental Design, Prop Designer

Leven Parguian - Character Portraits, Prop Designer, UI Elements


FinalBuildForReal.zip 30 MB

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