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It’s a dark night deep in the woods, and you’re about to sacrifice a goat- unfortunately, your ritual is interrupted by some very rude folk! Fend them off with your magic spells and stop them from stealing your goat!


  • Movement
    • Keyboard
      • WASD/Arrow Keys
      • Mouse to aim, right click to zoom, click to cast fireballs
      • Space to jump
    • Controller
      • Left joystick to move, Right joystick to look around
      • Left trigger to aim, right trigger to fire
      • A to jump


  • Nabil Sekirime - Project Lead, Programming
  • Manuel Govea - Programming
  • Dalton Hyde - Level Design
  • Heather Miller - Technical Art and UI
  • Christopher Hedley - Prop and Environment Art
  • Jean Paul Salman - Character Art and Animation


DefyBuild.zip 33 MB

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